About Our Chapter


Our Ventura County Chapter is a non-profit charitable organization of physicians and dentists affiliated with the Christian Medical and Dental Associations headquartered in Bristol, Tennessee.

We had our beginnings in 1964 at a Christian fellowship dinner meeting in Ventura, California, with about forty medical and dental professionals attending. Thereafter, other fellowship dinner meetings and Bible studies were held at various times and locations, including meetings at the local hospitals and doctor offices. In 1966 we gained full chapter standing from the CMDA as the Channel Islands Chapter. Our first officers were Wendell P. Searer, MD (president), John D. Bamrud, DDS (president-elect), and Raymond H. Patrick, DDS (secretary/treasurer).

In 1988 we changed our name to the Ventura County Chapter to reflect the wider scope of our membership.


Membership in our chapter is open to all graduate and student physicians and dentists who are in agreement with our purposes and beliefs and desire to take part in our programs.


We have annual dinner meetings in the fall. Otherwise, meetings occur as needed to support our programs.

Chapter Officers:

President - Royal Dean, MD
President-elect - TBA
Secretary/Treasurer - Harry Drummond, MD